International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2456-7655

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2018)

The effect of carbonization temperatures on proximate analysis of coconut shell

Author(s): Iloabachie ICC, Okpe BO, Nnamani TO, Chime AC
Abstract: Carbonization is often used to enhance the structural properties of bio-fiber material like coconut shell. This research work studied the effect of two carbonization temperatures 450oC and 850oC on the proximate analysis of coconut shell. The coconut shell was sun dried for 48 hours before being carbonized in a heat treatment furnace. The heating rate was 5oC/min with a soaking time of three hours. The carbonized coconut shell was then heated in a muffler furnace for proximate analysis in observance of ASTM standards E-871, E-1755, E- 872 for moisture at 110oC, ash at 715oC and volatile matter at 925oC using a muffler furnace. The result of the proximate analysis showed that fixed carbon content was higher at 850oC as a result of pyrolytic decomposition of the raw coconut shell. Also the volatile matter was drastically reduced at 850oC. Lower ash content was again obtained at 850oC.
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