International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2456-7655

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2018)

Development, simulation and implementation of a 2.5KVA pure sine wave power inverter for hazardous environment

Author(s): Andrew Osemare Okhueleigbe, Emmanuel Ighodalo Okhueleigbe
Abstract: The aim of this paper is based on development, simulation and implementation of a 2.5KVA pure sine wave power inverter for hazardous environment. This system converts 24V DC voltage from a battery source to 230V AC at a frequency of 50Hz. The output voltage is regulated so as to keep the output voltage constant as battery voltage decreases, as load demand increases the inverter stops operation when the battery voltage goes bellow 21V. This work was realized by programming a PIC18f2550 microcontroller chip to produce a SPWM which is used to drive the gates of a MOSFET H-BRIDGE to invert the DC voltage from the battery to a 24V AC voltage output. The 24V AC output is then passed through a power transformer to realize the 230V AC output. The microcontroller chip was programmed to perform all the auxiliary functions such as low battery cut-off, over-load protection and control of the inverter LCD display. The PIC16F873A chip was also programmed to display the state of the inverter in every operating mode. The system was constructed and tested by connecting a 24V DC battery to the inverter input, and the inverter gave 230 VAC at the output. Various load ability test was carried out to a load capacity of 2.7 KVA this load were connected to the output, it was also observed that at 21V DC, the output supply was cut-off in other to protect the battery from deep discharge.
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