International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2456-7655

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2018)

Performance optimization of 1800MT capacity stacker - Reclaimer in coal handling plant in 600MW/660MW sub/super critical units

Author(s): SN Dubey, Narendra N Dalei, Rajeev Sharma
Abstract: Stacker cum Reclaimer is the heart of the coal handling plant. Without stacker reclaimer, no body can think, to survive the material handling system, stacker reclaimer has become the more important for the CHP life and for the safe operation of CHP as a result, the design, installation and interpretation of measured parameters values of hydraulic oils to the S/R machine behavior is reflected. The importance by a continuous process of evolution using the latest techniques and technologies available to ensure the performance of stacker reclaimer for continuous operation without failure. To enhance the reliability of the stacker reclaimer hydraulic system is to be more focused and the oil quality UPTO 6 to be maintained always. Regular filters, oil quality and particle counts to be checked at 15 days interval. The oil quality and quality is more important to develop hydraulic pressure and hose leakages and spares management is the key parts to maintain the stacker always is challenge to us. The S/R technical details is giving details of technical specification of each equipment and SOP &SMP of equipment are to be followed on regular basis for smooth operation of coal handling system. This article will give you brief introduction of power generation and will provide the entire details about the stacker reclaimer. The spare parts are required of which size for the stacker reclaimer is given in detail. Best feature of this article is that now the unmanned stacker reclaimer is designed by f.l. Smith such development is new thing to known to us. And what is the constrained regarding operator in production in dusty atmosphere. The abstract is just giving view of m/c & its uses for CHP. The details specification is showing the design, procurement operation and maint. All features of CHP. This paper is giving entire information about Stacker reclaimer operation & maint. Along with data.
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