International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2456-7655

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Estimation of mean atmospheric turbidity coefficient in Makurdi, Nigeria
Pages: 01-09  
Sensor network based energy distribution system for corporate area
Pages: 10-12  
The effect of E-government and information technology on the life of people in lagged countries
Pages: 13-15  
Planning for Pedestrian Oriented city, a case of Amritsar
Pages: 16-26  
Municipal solid waste management in Bhubaneswar: Current practices, challenges and prospects
Pages: 27-30  
Machine learning application to identify good credit customers
Pages: 31-35  
Comparison of the microstructural and mechanical characteristics between gas tungsten arc welded and friction stir welded aa6061 aluminum alloy joints
Pages: 36-41  
A study on prediction of soil properties content based on machine learning models
Pages: 42-46  
Energy efficient algorithms in cloud computing: A green computing approach
Pages: 47-52  
A study on energy efficient load balancing algorithms in cloud computing
Pages: 53-56  
Performance analysis of water flooded reservoir: A case study of field “X”, Niger Delta
Pages: 57-66  
An experimental research on the feasibility of shaft voltage as a potential and economic low power source
Pages: 67-71  
Detection of lung nodules in CT images using random forest classifier
Pages: 72-76  
Smart phone selection by the consumer’s in Pakistan: FMCGDM fuzzy multiple criteria group decision making approach
Pages: 77-79  
Sunlight permeability of an Anidolic daylighting system without compound parabolic collector
Pages: 80-84  
CMOS differential active balun circuit small-signal analysis
Pages: 85-89  
Multi-banking automatic teller machine transaction system by utilizing GSM and biometric identification with one single touch
Pages: 90-94  
Smart computing: A primer
Pages: 95-97  
Characterization of the natural insecticide methylcytisine: An in silico study using classic force field
Pages: 98-101  
Modeling the volumetric properties of asphalt concrete with the aid of NDT
Pages: 102-109  
Comparative performance analysis of edge and corner detection techniques
Pages: 110-113  
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