International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Technology

ISSN: 2456-7655

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A comparative study of using different types of print paste in screen printing
Pages: 01-04  
Dynamic range study of common-source/Drain active balun for RF applications
Pages: 05-07  
Analytical modeling of a multi-linkage planar mechanism
Pages: 08-17  
Management information systems and organisational performance: A focus on functional and enterprise information systems
Pages: 18-21  
Differential active balun circuit dynamic range analysis in CMOS
Pages: 22-25  
Evaluation of alternative fuel for the generation of thermal energy through a boiler
Pages: 26-29  
How to calculate the risk (Beta) in Indonesia stock exchange (IDX): Empirical Test of LQ-45 Stock Period 2009-2018
Pages: 30-33  
Computational intelligence: A primer
Pages: 34-36  
Creative economy: A primer
Pages: 37-39  
Electromagnetic pollution: A primer
Pages: 40-42  
Intelligent transportation systems
Pages: 43-45  
Smart buildings: A primer
Pages: 46-49  
Natural and Artificial Intelligence
Pages: 50-53  
Speaker identification using vector quantization and dynamic time warping
Pages: 54-55  
Performance of a DS-CDMA system in Rayleigh fading channel
Pages: 56-59  
Effect of process for manufacturing a brake lining on tribological properties: an experimental study for hot pressing pressure
Pages: 60-64  
Evaluation of the power generation capacity of an installed photovoltaic system
Pages: 65-71  
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